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Kim Dao Showcases Her Japanese Apartment

Kim Dao is a very popular YouTuber offering advice to young women and girls who are interested in the latest trends in style and fashion. She recently showed a video of her apartment in Japan.

Most of us know that the real estate market in Japan is priced sky high and the apartments are tiny. Living anywhere in the wide open spaces of the United States of America, we are spoiled by the sizes of our real estate offerings. This interesting video by Kim Dao gives us an insight into the Japanese culture and living conditions.

We come away from this video very glad that we do not live in Japan. It is a popular tourist attraction but living there would present too many problems to Americans with an acquired sense of wide open spaces.

We can thank Kim Dao for this private glimpse into her miniature apartment.

Many of the world’s living spaces for families are smaller than American garages. This gives us, in the states, food for thought. If conditions in the states with rampant homelessness and unemployment trends continue, then we should explore some of these micro apartments concepts designed for the homeless and less fortunate in our population as a way of providing minimal housing for those affected.

In this informative video, Kim Dao has educated us about the real estate market in Japan.

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