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A Look into the Life of DIVERSANT, LLC Principal John Goullet

John Goullet is the principal of DIVERSANT, LLC. He is an IT staffing officer and an entrepreneur. John started his career as an IT consultant then he transitioned to IT staffing in 1994. Considering that he worked in both the staffing and consultant side of IT, he gained valuable knowledge in the industry. He understood the market trends, and in 1994 he founded Info Technologies. Info Technologies offered IT staffing solutions services to many companies in the U.S, some of which were Fortune 500 companies.


He saw that they could do much more by partnering with another company, so Info Technologies merged with Diversant Inc. to form DIVERSANT, LLC. He has been a key figure when it comes to creating strategies that will help the company adjust to the ever-evolving IT industry. John focused on meeting each client’s needs and would use his leadership skills, passion, and determination to develop services and solutions that would make their customers happy.


Under his leadership, Info Technologies has grown to become a global organization and has been mentioned twice on Magazine Inc’s list of fastest growing enterprises. In five years’ time, the company was valued at $30 million. The company was once ranked eighth in the list of fastest growing startups in the U.S. Mr. Goullet’s professionalism is always one of the reasons Info Technologies has done so well. He encourages the staff to be respectful, disciplined and uphold ethical behavior. DIVESANT LLC is the biggest African American-owned company in the U.S.


In an interview with IdeaMensch, John Goullet gave people a look into his personal life and the ingredients to his success in the corporate world. He says coming up with ideas is not as difficult as many people think. One has to look keenly at what is happening in the labor markets. He states that there is a shortage of IT professionals in the U.S and his secret lies in knowing which technologies will be in greatest demand. The idea that a competitor is always on their neck is what motivates him to go on and achieve more. He added that all books authored by Jim Collins have been of tremendous help in keeping their company at the top.


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