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Whitney Wolfe Embraces New Dating App Vision

Whitney Wolfe is making the competition jealous. She is showing people that there’s more to life than simply chasing after someone on a dating app. What she is showing women with her Bumble app is that they don’t have to settle for the type of behavior that they get on other apps. With the Bumble app Whitney Wolfe is giving women the chance to be in control. If they swipe away a message from a certain man they don’t have to worry about ever seeing this again. They can send messages, but the women have the ability to make the first move. This is from others, and this is what has made this app gain attention.

Whitney Wolfe definitely has the power to change the way that people look at the app world because she is someone has done research. She already knew what dating app success looked like because she had already been successful in the dating app world. What she did not know was how women would initially respond to an app like Bumble. She may have even been more concerned about how men would feel about this app. It was a risk to go outside of what was considered the mainstream in the app world, but this has been the driving force that has allowed Whitney Wolfe to be successful. She wasn’t scared too take on the unknown. This would prove to be the thing that made her one of Forbes Top 30 under 30. She did not run from risk of thinking outside of the box. To the contrary, Whitney Wolfe made a conscious decision to embrace risk and rally in thinking differently.

The Bumble app, just like the concept of dating, is daring. It is a journey into the unknown and single people are embracing it.


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