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Highland Capital Management L.P reaped big in the 2016 Energy Stock Market

Highland Capital Management, L.P was founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada in 1993. The SEC-registered adviser, alongside its affiliates, is currently managing assets worth $15.4 billion. The firm is among the biggest and most experienced alternative credit managers in the world. Its areas of specialization include credit hedge funds, long-only funds & separate accounts, collateralized loan obligations special situation and distressed private equity.


Highland Capital Management also provides alternative investments inclusive of emerging markets, short and long equities as well as natural resources. The investment adviser prides itself in having a highly diversified client base comprised of public pension plans, endowments, foundations, financial institutions, and governments, fund of funds, corporations and high net worth individuals. Although it has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, Highland has offices in Seoul, Singapore, Paolo and New York.


Besides its investment in the financial markets, the company also invests in the communities where its employees reside. The company is committed to bringing positive change in the lives of people through the involvement of the advisory board, volunteerism, and also by donating funds to the local community organizations and non-profit organizations across the country. Highland Capital has donated over $10 million to organizations across the globe, since 2005.


According to reports published by MarketWatch on February 2, 2017, The Highland Small-Cap Equity made it big on the energy stocks in 2016. The company generated a 32 percent return for investors. According to Michael Gregory, the chief investment officer of one of the Highland Capital Management’s units (Highland Alternative Investors), the credit competency of the company played a major role in its ability to make profitable investments in pipeline partnerships at the beginning of 2016, when the oil prices bottomed. Investments in energy contributed almost half of the total fund’s return for 2016.


He further added that after the fund purchased shares, the selected partnerships did not cut dividends. The sector allocation for the highland small cap equity fund was; Healthcare, 25 percent; Real estate, 9 percent; Financials, 10 percent; Consumer Discretionary, 11 percent, and Energy MLP, 16 percent.


Jim Dondero, one of the co-founders, serves as the president of Highland Capital Management, L.P. Jim believes and acts on the zealous management approach to charitable giving.


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