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Patty Rocklage Is An Outstanding Psychologist With Admirable Skills

Patty Rocklage is a licensed psychotherapist living in Sudbury, Massachusetts. She has extensive knowledge of marriage and family therapy, being in practice for over two decades. Her goal in life is to aid partners to iron out the challenges they are facing. Patty is a degree holder from USC in 1981.


Patty handles each case independently, and experience has taught her many reasons why families grow apart. It could be a miscommunication or financial issues, but Patty advises that all the issues should be dealt with soon as they come up.


Gifting MIT


Last year, Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Chemistry department was given a gift by Patty together with her companion, Dr. Scott Rocklage. Dr. Scott studied his Ph.D. under Professor Richard Schrock, a Nobel Prize winner. They offered financial assistance for upgrading the nanochemistry and nanotechnology lab space.


In recognition of their charity work, a plaque was put up, and they sat and listened to tributes by Timothy Jamison, the head of the department, Sylvia Ceyer, former head of the department, and Professor Moungi Bawendi. In Scott’s alumna statement, he says that Richard always pushed them into overachieving. Also, Richard initiated an uncertain environment for his students, and this brought about the best performance.


Renovation Of The Rocklage Home


Patty Rocklage and Scott needed to refurbish their home and were on the quest of looking for appropriate constructors when they came across Ed Freedlender and The Sudbury Companies. Ed was an expert at minimizing costs while offering exclusive design, while The Sudbury Company could provide the required energy and resources to get the job done.


The Rocklage’s kitchen needed transformation, their front façade, as well as the wiring in their house. Before embarking on the work, they had to get approved by the town’s Conservation Commission. The negotiation went well on condition that Ed Incorporates all recycled goods such as trees in the new model. The Rocklage’s house is in the wetland area, and therefore, the driveway leading to their house was also to be made out of crushed stone to ensure water filters through.


The renovation process was a success, and both Patty and Scott were impressed and recommend Ed and The Sudbury Company to anyone who wishes to renovate their home.



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