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Troy McQuagge gets a gold medal in the one planet business and professional awards

Troy McQuagge is the current Chief executive Officer of the US Health Group. He has been at the helm of the company since 2010 and has done a lot to transform the manner in which the company delivers their services. Some of the remarkable changes that he has made with the company include the creation of a redistribution agency that streamlined the operations of the company and gave them some sort of order. As a result of this implementation, he was named as the president of the group and has really taken it to new heights of success.

Last week, he received an honor for his exemplary work when he was awarded the gold medal for being the CEO of the year. The awards were specifically created to make sure that all the businesses whether public or private, that were offering excellent services were getting recognition for their work. The awards are normally given to public, private, profit and even charity organizations.

When Troy was asked to make a speech about the award, he said that he was grateful for the recognition and stated that it was an indication that the company he heads was doing their best to reach their goals and vision. He expressed confidence in the fact that even though the company had been through some rough patches in the past, things were really improving and they would achieve even more. Other categories that were awarded include teams, innovative services and other individual business executives.

About Troy McQuagge

As stated, Troy is the man who heads the US Health Group. He has many years of experience in the managed health care business as he has been part of it for more than 30 years. The experience made him understand the sector, hence his competence as a CEO. The company that he heads aims at providing the best managed health care services to their clients, something that they have been able to achieve through the years that they have been in operation. He is a true inspiration to the healthcare industry and the business and enterprise community at large.

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