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Disbelief has affected the world since Donald Trump became president. A lot of corporations and investors worldwide are terrified because of Trumps views regarding foreign policy and foreign trade on These beliefs can affect the bottom lone of companies throughout the world. $100 billion has been pulled from the market by investors since January. This is the first time the United States has had a president considered to be unpredictable.

Jim Hunt VTA Publications has been a figure of stability for investors all over the world. He has taken an unbiased look at the current state of the market. He explains his statistics in a way all investors can easily understand. He has the ability to give investors a clear picture of the global markets financial prospects for the future.

The most recent video by Jim Hunt VTA Publications goes back to the state of the market in 1980. By making a comparison between the downturn currently in the market and its previous state he shows the decline is currently not as bad as it was in 2008. The uncertainty is still there and has affected the market to a large degree in the last couple weeks. Hunt spoke about the markets decline right before the election because Trump had been projected as the winner. The Dow dropped more than 1,000 points right after the election. The surprise came when a few days after Trump was elected the stock market started booming.

Hunt believes this will not last and the market is headed for another downturn. With Trump now in office investors are losing confidence and Hunt says this will cause a major drop in the market. Investors on are placing their money into financial institutions although industrial stocks are doing quite well.

Jim Hunt VTA Publications is a publisher of non-fiction. Their publications include learning courses and they cater to specific genres. They were originally established in 2012 and individuals worldwide were able to enjoy their informational publications.

Jim Hunt VTA Publications has a mission to give their customers information that is on the cutting edge. Their specialties include finances and economics. They source experts from all over the world and bring their experience to their clients.

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