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Beverly Hills Auto Group-Getting you Into the Car of Your Dreams

First off, if you’re considering buying a BMW, a used one is a great way to go about it. It is going to be a lot less expensive (and no one will ever know) and you can get a BMW that will fit in your budget. Cars typically lose their value with each month and mile that passes by, also known as depreciation. If you buy a brand new model right off the lot, it can lose a whopping 40 percent of value or more, right off the bat. If you buy the same model, but in a used condition, you can sidestep this depreciation the second you drive off the lot. Your insurance rates will likely be lower as well, due to the little bit of age of the car.

Beverly Hills Auto Group sells the best-selling and most reliable brands and because their cars are used, you will be able to enjoy big savings. The staff at Beverly Hills Auto Group work hard to help you get into the car that you want and that will suit your needs and wants. No pushy salespeople here! They even have a convenient finance department to get you on the road.


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