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Copa Star Hospital Reaches High Level of Excellence for Quality Care

Located in the area of Copacabana, a very well-known district of Rio de Janeiro, the Copa Star Hospital is described as a five-star hotel. However, it is highly-regarded as much more than that.

It is a world-class medical center which provides modern medical equipment, operating facilities and hybrid facilities. The Hospital Copa Star has 150 beds, 45 intensive care units and 105 rooms. The neurosurgery center is equipped with modern integrated MRI systems.

The treatment received from the medical faculty and staff is highly-respected.

The hospital has been responsible for bringing together a team of many highly-trained professionals which has been an essential element for providing the personalized efforts of their medical skills to patients. Their professional-agile style has been an enormous asset to Hospital Copa Star having the boundless functionality for providing the type of care needed in the 21st century. The hospital has been on the cutting edge of the type of Smart technology needed to give patients the access of care they need, and for making sure patient rights are continually protected.

The 21 thousand square meters and seven floors of space set the scene of an abundance of comfort and technology. The hospital has brought together innovation on and aligned it with medical alternatives that completely set it apart from many of its counter-parts. The interior design of the building incorporates a wide-range of beneficial features that raise the level of energy effectiveness. The hospital is currently reducing energy consumption reaching as high as 50%.

The level of care delivered to the patients of Hospital Copa Star has been paramount in the decision-making for the facilities. Making sure the patient’s well-being is accounted for is something that is completely evident in every corner of the hospital.

Hospital Copa Star has reached a level of excellence which is an exclusively-high achievement for its patients care. The concept of bringing the amenities together with the technology required to meet the medical needs was an extraordinary task which they have done brilliantly.

Creating an environment where patients can trust they’re receiving the best quality care takes great effort to accomplish. It means that a hospital has to be on high-alert to the patients’ needs above anything else. It is a standard that must be achieved on a consistent basis for that trust to continue. Hospital Copa Star has taken that trust to an even advanced level with the state-of-the-art facility they’ve built. It is enormous not just in its size, but it has reached the highest level of integrity for how the patients are treated.

The staff of over 550 essential employees and over 113 medical professionals on set the standards for high-quality care for the patients of Copa Star Hospital.

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