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A Quick Look at Besty DeVos Philanthropic Life

Besty DeVos is an American philanthropist, education activist, and businesswomen. Besty was born on January 1958 and grew up in Michigan. She went to Holland Christian High School and later graduated with bachelor’s degree in business administration and political science from Calvin College. Besty DeVos is a member of the Republican Party, and she actively advocates for voucher programs and school choices. Besty has been actively involved in politics since 1982. From 1992 to 1997, she served as the Michigan’s Republican National Committeewoman. She has also chaired the Michigan Republican Party. Being a staunch defender of the Detroit charter system, she serves as a member of Foundation for Excellence in Education and has also served in Alliance for School Choice and All Children Matter PAC. In November, President-elect Donald Trump announced that Betsy would serve as the secretary of education. Currently, she is the chairwoman of Windquest Group, a company that invests in manufacturing, clean energy, and technology.

Philanthropic activities

In 1989, Besty and her husband Dick DeVos launched the Dick and Besty DeVos Family Foundation. The organization was formed with the aim of giving and faith is the motivating factor. The group has contributed financially to several sectors such as education, leadership, justice, arts and community. So far, the organization has spent $ 139 million in charitable giving. In arts, the Foundation donated 22.5 million dollars to Kennedy Center, where Besty served on the board of directors. The donation was aimed at teaching arts managers on fundraising and managing cultural institutions. A lot of donation from the organization has been directed to the education sector. Being her primary focus, several educational based initiatives and programs have received donations from the agency. Betsy is an active advocate for school vouchers that advocates for learning in private schools with public funding. The organization has channeled millions of money to the Alliance for School Choice and All Children Matter Pac. Success Academy Charter Schools got $150,000, Potters House received $ 200,000, and Foundation for Excellence in Education received $ 100,000.

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Besty also sits in the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Board. In 2015, her family foundation donated $ 750,000 to the organization and pledged to give $ 1 million in future. Moreover, Institute for Justice, a law firm which funds school choice lawsuits received $ 10,000 and $ 6,500 was channeled to Intercollegiate Studies Institute, Inc., an agency that promotes conservation viewpoints. In colleges and university, the foundation has funded several organizations. The University of Maryland College Park Foundation received $ 500,000. Additionally, Ferris State University received $113,500 and $250,000 channeled to the School of Missionary Aviation Technology. Other colleges that have benefited from the foundation include Davenport University, $55,000, Rollins College, $ 50,000, Calvin College, University of Michigan Food Allergy Center, Grand Rapids Community College Foundation among many others.

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