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Wengie Give Summertime Life Hacks

Wengie is an Australian lifestyle and beauty vlogger that has gained millions of views on her popular Youtube videos. The majority of the videos are lifestyle hacks and makeup tutorials. She offers her viewers valuable advice and tips on how to make their lives easier and more efficient. She has managed to gain millions of followers and the numbers continue to increase. In one of her recent videos she gives several Summertime hacks that will help you enjoy your time during the day.


Her first hack was using a small kid’s inflatable pool for a floating pool chair instead of one meant for that purpose. It is bigger and deeper which will allow you to bring your items with you and they won’t get wet. Another one of her hacks was to attach pool noodle sections securely around a plastic container using rope. It will serve as a floating cooler so you don’t have to get out of the pool to get a drink. She also suggested making a sugar scrub for your legs, dabbing on face powder through a tissue so you don’t apply too much, making your own self-tanner using coconut oil and cocoa powder, and drawing designs on your skin using sunscreen or school glue.


Wengie is always coming up will fun, new, and helpful ideas for her audience to try at home. She is regularly releasing videos twice per week and also has an Instagram that is very popular as well. Her audience can always count on her to entertain and inform with her videos.



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