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Lefkofsky Keeps Helping People First

Eric Lefkofsky is an American entrepreneur who has had many different entrepreneurial ventures. Eric Lefkofsky grew up in Southfield Michigan, and he graduated from Southfield Land High School. Lefkofsky later went on to attend the University of Michigan, and he was able to graduate with honors. Lefkofsky went to the University of Michigan Law school and he received his Juris doctorate in 1993.


Eric Lefkofsky began his entrepreneurial ventures when he was in college. Lefkofsky and a close college borrowed money from relatives, and they bought an apparel company named Brandon Apparel. Later, Lefkofsky and his partner created an Internet company called Starbelly. After that, Lefkofsky cofounded a company called InnerWorkings. Interworkings was a print procurement service company. Later, Lefkofsky created Global Logistics. After forming Global Logistics, Lefkofsky went on to found Medibank. Medibank was a media buying technology company.


Next, Eric Lefkofsky went on to found was an online collective action website. Later, Lefkofsky and his partner formed Lightbank. Lightbank was a firm company that was headquartered in Chicago area. In 2008, changed from to was reported by Forbes magazine to be the fastest growing company in history. Apart from, Lefkofsky also founded companies such as the following: Uptake LLC, and Tempus. Tempus is a very well known technology company that helps physicians to give personalized cancer care.


Eric Lefkofsky and his wife are individuals who are dedicated to philanthropy. They both worked together to found the Lefkofsky fund. The Lefkofsky is a fund that has the purpose of supporting organizations that give to charity, science, education and other causes all around the world. This is a fund that specializes in helping children. The Lefkofsky fund is a fund that encourages children to become educated and to help others around the world.


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