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Unique Aspects as Portrayed by José Borghi

Borghi was born in Presidente Prudente. While in junior high school, José Borghi was not certain of the career he would pursue. It was until his sister invited him for performance on exhibition of Vts that he got convicted about the course he would undertake. Simply, it was that performance at Castro Neves Theater that guided his way in career. Upon completion he undertook a bachelors’ degree in Advertising and Propaganda.

This icon worked at Agency Standart Ogilvy as an editor and registered tremendous results. Due to his innovative nature, he set to launch his own agency, BorghiErh, which they co-founded with Erh Ray even without any godfather, bank or investors. The Brazilian advertising company did not receive anything less of success as its principals were devoted.

Borghi has remarkable advertising attributes. He is a great mind and renowned pioneer of highly yielding campaigns. Most famous probably is the ‘Mammals of Parmalat,’ an engagement where children were clad like animals and sang extraordinary tinkles. Most of the campaigns he has initiated stand out, and have clung in people’s mind to date.

Determination is a factor closely attributed to this icon. Like he says, it came to his realization that nothing comes easy. He was not to expect funding from anyone and so he had to work it himself. This helped him in recognizing his ability to push harder even during the bad times.

Notable Ladders by his Company’s Growth

In December 2006, Lowe bought the well-established company they had founded, having the name changing to Borghi Lowe. The company continued growing its scales not just domestically but also across the globe. Lately they combined with Lowe & Partners and the Mullen group, forming an organization called Mullen Lowe, with José Borghi and André Gomes heading it as the co-CEOs.

As part of change into the new name, the organization is to change its name to ‘Mullen Lowe Brasil,’ as well as allowing a new crew to take up leadership. Having such like-minded CEOs has played a major role in the consistent growth of the company. Concentrating the Lowe networks in Brazil will enable them facilitate their activities with ease.

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