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George Soros Is Disappointed With Election Results

The Announcement Heard Around The World
When news outlets across America announced the victory of Donald J. Trump in the race for the presidency of the United States, jaws dropped in living rooms across America. Most polls predicted Hillary Clinton would win, but thanks to surprises in the electoral college Trump secured the presidency. George Soros, like most on the right, was absolutely infuriated by the success of the Trump campaign. So much effort was exerted for naught.

A Campaign That Would Never Fail
George Soros made the 2016 presidential campaign the most well funded political campaign in America and perhaps the world. Starting with his first $8 million, Soros encouraged other progressive donors to pitch in and gave Hillary Clinton campaign funds totaling more than $1.5 billion dollars. With such a large campaign most were certain Hillary Clinton would win. Nearly every poll predicted her victory. Unfortunately, this was not born out by reality. Donald Trump was able to ultimately secure the presidential position on NY with the electoral college. His victory was not an isolated event either. There were also similar gains for the right in Europe as well.

The Rise Of The Global Right
Across the Atlantic Ocean conservatives experienced many gains as well. The United Kingdom decided to leave the European Union with the Brexit vote and continental Europe saw rising support for nativist candidates such as Marie Le Pen. Overall the current trend seems to favor conservatives which does not bode well for progressives such as George Soros. The left will likely need to play a more defensive role as conservatives attempt to undue liberal policy gains. Although George Soros was previously discouraged, he now insists on playing a much more active role in standing up for the left.

The Left Goes On Defense
Currently, liberals are playing the defensive position in politics. Republicans have now gained control of Congress and the White House giving them the perfect position to undue Obama’s legacy. There is currently a vacancy in the Supreme Court and many predict even more when current serving SCOTUS judges step down. George Soros wants to protect the liberal agenda against the current conservative rise. He is now in talks with many leaders of the DNC and the major donors of the left to prevent conservatives from going to far. There is much work to do, but Soros is up for the task.

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