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Doug Levitt Sends An Understanding Eye To The Struggling

People that struggle tend to have the worst of it when it comes to how they are treated. For one thing, they often have to put up with unfair treatment from people as well as difficulty in supporting themselves. Often times, people that are unfortunate tend to be looked at in unflattering ways. In some cases, they are even treated with hostility. The common stereotype of those who are struggling are along the lines of them being lazy addicts. With this mindset, people are reluctant to even offer them friendliness. Fortunately, there is someone who has enough compassion to listen to the struggles of those that are down on their luck. His name is Doug Levitt.


Doug Levitt not only has a compassion for those that are struggling with their lives. He is also willing to bring out that compassion from others. He wants to show people that the struggling are every bit as human as the more prosperous group of people. In order to do this, Doug Levitt has decided to travel by Greyhound and collect stories from passengers. He has collected a ton of stories that he has written down in his book called The Greyhound Diaries.


The purpose of his book is to show people the different stories of the people who are struggling. A lot of these stories are rather heartbreaking. At the same time, he is showing that there is hope for a lot of the people he has talked to. One thing he wants to show people with the struggling is the unbreakable spirit of persistence. A lot of people who have hit rock bottom often find themselves with the hope that things will get better for them. For one thing, a lot of them have come up with plans to move forward and get back on their feet.

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