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If you are trying to make it big, but you do not know how to start, than Martin Lustgarten can help you. He has collected some tricks from the brightest in the industry that will make your day superb, and your wallet fat.

Martin Lustgarten wants to see the improvement that you have been hoping for years. Lustgarten can be contacted at his Linked In account. He looks forward to discussing further tips with you.

The first thing to recall when trying to grow wealth is that you cannot grow wealth by enjoying yourself all day. If you only do what you like to do, you will gradually lose wealth. The typical American consumer is an excellent example. Although they work long hours at their job, they are heavily in debt from credit cards, schools, mortgages, and car payments. They are doing what they want to do, living above their means, and they are suffering for it. To grow wealth requires thrift. You have to suffer the loss of some of the things you treasure. If you are obsessed with having jewelry, a fun job, a nice car, and a nice house, one or more of those things will have to go if you are going to grow wealth. Your jewelry will have to be sold, or your job will have to be more challenging. If you make the decision to suffer, this will help you become wealthier.

The American consumer could grow their wealth easier if they lived far below their means. If they have a $40,000/yr salary, they should ditch their $24,000/mth mortgage for a $10,000/yr rent or mortgage. If they have $60,000 in college debt, they should devote $10,000 a year to getting that paid off. Eating simple, with rice, beans, oatmeal, or pasta. This types of sacrifices are all ways to have more left over.

Also recall that money is not wealth. Money is something you use to measure wealth. The goal is not to have a pile of money. The goal is to have ownership of land, animals, time, people, food, shelter, relationships, transportation, water, power, and certifications that let you be independent of others’ control. A truly wealthy person is not a slave of their employer or government. They have the wealth to do what they need.

Although many Americans consider themselves well off, they are not, because they lack the freedom in the core wealth areas that wealthy people have.

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