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Securus Technologies is a prestigious Information Technology firm located in Dallas, Texas. The company has seen much success since its founding, as it focuses its attention on a niche customer base, which interestingly enough just so happens to be incarcerated individuals currently residing within the United States prison system. These customers are for Securus Technologies challenging perspective on how to operate their business, as they need to find new and reliable forms of technology to meet security and communication needs. They’ve done an amazing job up to this point, and they seek to offer their services to more customers through promotion of one of their most popular products, a powerful yet small video chat software package.


The software is a free downloadable application that is compatible on both Android and Apple devices. It allows inmates to effectively communicate with their family members in the outside world by opening the application, connecting to a Wi-Fi signal, and then enjoying seamless streaming video chat technology. Who’s the creation of this powerful tool family members will no longer have to physically drive to prison locations, or worry about the uncomfortable feeling they will have some mandatory Security checks. Communication cannot happen freely whenever inmates and their loved one’s desire to do so, something that will not only make things more comfortable for them but will also make life much easier for employees of the justice system as well.


Through the promotion of this product Securus Technologies is looking to increase its customer base significantly. They’re high-quality and serviceable products will be able to be used and many more family households, which has been their goal this entire time.



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