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The Impact of Magnises on the Lives of Young Millennials

Billy McFarland is a brilliant visionary from New York. Bill’s the brain-child behind Magnises. This organization was started with the intention of bringing together young professionals. For a modest sum of $250 per annum, clients stand to walk away with tons of perks. After signing up and paying the $250, you receive a Magnises black card.

The card grants you unlimited access to all the hottest clubs and events in major cities spread out across the nation. It also helps you to score unbelievable deals and offers from selected restaurants and hotels in New York, Washington and elsewhere. Fans and admirers of the firm were genuinely delighted by the great news about the introduction of a $25 monthly membership fee.

The user-friendly app lets customers send texts. You send messages inquiring about the best places to eat and dine. The responses are almost instantaneous. Members get a special VIP treatment, for instance, they receive a complimentary bottle of champagne or dishes in some establishments.

From its humble beginnings in 2013, the company has transformed into a behemoth business. It now has more than 8K members in NY City alone. D.C has over 1000 registered members. To-date, the establishment has raised $3 million in funding. Moving forward, Magnises hopes to expand and penetrate other lucrative markets in metropolises like Boston and Chicago.

Networking Opportunity

The members regularly get invitations to lavish private parties. You’ll find them gathered at the penthouse of their former headquarters in Manhattan. The guests enjoy rooftop cocktails and other sumptuous treats and delights. Most importantly, however, they get a lovely chance to interact, share views and ideas. The business model of Magnises is in a superior class of its own. It is for this particular reason, titans of industry like Tesla have chosen to enroll their staff into the organization. The employees come out sharper.

About Bill McFarland

Billy McFarland, 23, studied at the Bucknell University. He, however, did not finish his course after dropping out in his freshman year. Soon thereafter, Billy McFarland founded the content sharing site known as Spling. Some of the investment partners he has worked with in the past and the present include Deep Fork Capital and Great Oaks Venture Capital.

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