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This bank: Providing Dynamic, Timely And Relevant Financial Services for the Dallas Metroplex

Introduction to Nexbank and its influence on all of Dallas banking needs:
Nexbank is an advocate for neighborhood stabilization and revitalization. It is also in the position of providing cutting-edge banking services to all of Dallas and the North Texas area. By providing these services geared to local needs, Nexbank makes a substantial difference in the lives of north Texans.

Speech by Nexbank CEO John Holt about the need for effective community banking:
Nexbank’s role in hands-on community banking efforts in Dallas has played a vital role in supporting the growth and development of Dallas neighborhoods and Dallas housing efforts. With local offices and engaged employees at those sites, Nexbank is helping local communities located within the larger city flourish and reach their potentials. Pursuant to those efforts, John Holt, Nexbank CEO, served as a panelist at the recent meeting of Dallas Neighborhood Homes, a prod restive advocate for neighborhood stabilization.

Need for community banking in Dallas as provided by Nexbank
There is a demonstrated need for community banking services, including the availability of access to affordable housing products capable of facilitating neighborhood development within local communities. Nexbank, with its ties to local community-based housing initiatives such as Dallas Neighborhood Homes, can have a profound impact on community- building efforts and local neighborhood stabilization.

Nexbank: A forward-looking banking partner for the future of south Dallas and north Texas as a whole:
Through its partnership with affordable housing provider Dallas Neighborhood Homes, Nexbank is giving tangible support to recipients of affordable housing help in the form of loans on qualifying property properties. These banking products made available by Nexbank provide tangible, economic support in addition to the less tangible element of hope supplied by this non-profit mortgage service provider to its south Dallas clients.

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