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Have No Fear, Handy Home Cleaning Is Here.

If there is one thought we can agree on, it is that people lead busy lives. Today we have two people in a household or more and everyone is working. This means that there is often very little time to do chores and household clean up. Keep in mind that you do not have to fear because Handy is here. Handy is a economical home cleaning service that offers consumers the most amazing service professionals in the industry. Handy is really cleaning up in this new on demand economy where people are looking for home cleaners and steady employment. It is important to keep in mind that Handy is not just looking to keep clients happy, they are also keeping the people who provide these cleaning services in business.

In 2014 Handy was doing one million a week in the cleaning business. This shows that there is a demand and that is a company who is setting the bar high. They are easy to do business with. They have a website ( that you can visit and order you cleaning service. It’s easy to use, you select which rooms you want cleaned, how often and a few other details and you are given a price. You can set you cleaning for your home or office from the website with just a touch of a button.

If you are a professional service professional who is looking to get more cleaning jobs, Handy can help you there too. Again you simply go to the website, fill out some information and they will start to send you some cleaning work. It’s easy to get involved with a company who is taking pride in what they do. Handy is in twenty five cities in the United States, Two cities in Canada and are setting up more around the globe. offers cleaning services but that is not the extent of their services, they also offer handymen like plumbers and electricians, locksmith and more. Everything is booked from their website and mobile apps. The owners of Handy understand that because people are so busy, they need to be able to set up their cleaning or domestic services with ease. As a result they spent countless dollars developing their website booking system and countless mobile applications that allow you to book with ease. The world we live in is always going to have things left undone. Lucky for everyone, house keeping and home repairs does not have to be one of those things. Thank You Handy.


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