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Mr. Josh Verne is the founder of Workpays, LLC. He served as its CEO in 2011. After leading the largest separation for top 100 stores and assuming all manufacturing responsibilities, he became president in 2003. He has successfully owned and operated multi-million companies with over $200 million in annual sales. He entered his family-s second generation business following his graduation from college.


Key Points

  1. Do What Gives you Passion

If you want to succeed, do anything that gives you passion. Do not do anything that makes you feel obligated. While it holds that there are numerous unsuccessful passionate people, there are few unfortunate people that have no passion for whatever they do. Get something that makes you wake up in the morning. Feel passionate about your work. Anything that arouses your excitement is right for you. For this reason, you will have a grounded day each morning you wake up. You will open the keys to a successful future if you find something you love doing.


  1. Have a Balanced Life

Life is a balancing gauge. You need to balance your financial and social life. Have time for your family. You can own all the wealth in the world. However, you will suffer if your health and home life are not in order. For this reason, you are your family will suffer if you are not making enough money or you have a shredded body.


According to PRNEwswire, A balanced life does not mean you spend all your hard-earned money in a single day. However, it means that you spend quality time with your family outside business. A balanced life is about making progress in all aspects of your life. For every passing day, ensure that you improve on wealth, health, personal growth, and relationships.


  1. Listen More and Speak Less

This point is profound and straightforward to execute. A human being has one mouth and two ears. For this reason, these organs are used in a proportionate way. Before speaking once, you should listen two times. You will appear more authoritative if you talk less and listen more. When you have something to say, more people will listen to you.


  1. Make a Win in Everything

Decline deals that result in a win-lose. A win-win situation will earn you more reputation for business continuity. There is always a way to create a win situation no matter how bleak your situation looks.


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