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Jennifer Walden Makes The Move Back Home After Years In NY

Most children dream of the day they can graduate high school and go off to college. They are all looking forward to being out on their own. If you were to ask a college student or your adult what they would love to do at that moment they may stop and say move back home.

None of them stop to think about the nights they may be alone studying in their room. They never really stop to think that one day they may desire to return home like Jennifer Walden did.


Jennifer Walden is both a surgeon and a writer. She began her life in the Austin Texas area. After completing college and receiving her medical degree from the University of Texas, she took a job in New York. Her new job would keep her working with another doctor in the area of ear, nose and throat surgeries. Jennifer worked for a few years and began to become homesick. She thought about her own childhood after she gave birth to twin boys. She wanted her boys to have the same Texas experience that she did. They would be close to her family and close to the same influences she had growing up.


After coming back to Texas, Jennifer opened her own Satelite office. She became one of the best beauty surgeons in America. She won several awards such as the American Women’s Association award and the American Society of Plastic Surgery award. Jennifer made a large name for herself when she began making appearances on television and talk shows. She helps others understand the importance of cosmetic surgery vs plastic surgery.


Jennifer Walden is responsible for helping many men and women with their appearance. She works with Botox and Laser to help remove the wrinkles from a woman’s face. She helps explain invasive and minimally invasive procedures to people about ready to have them. Jennifer is a single parent making her mark in the world. She hopes to help her twin boys to make their own marks by giving them the same opportunities she had. Jennifer hopes her move back to Texas was the best move in her life.


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