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Adam Goldenberg Has The Answer to A Seemingly Impossible Question

How does a kid start a small gaming bulletin board, turn it into one of the hottest brands online, sell it for a record profit and get himself a cozy job at a major online media holder which he then parlayed with his best friend into a new venture that has become the parent of some of the hottest names in fashion and beauty? Just ask Adam Goldenberg because that is more than a question, it’s the basis of his life and his success. It’s an equation that wouldn’t seem to add up, but somehow Adam has a knack for making the seemingly impossible happen.

Adam started The Gamer’s Alliance in 1997. It started as a simple bulletin board system that eventually evolved into a gamer advertising network on Youtube. In 1999 he sold the company for a substantial profit to Intermix Media and in the process, he not only found himself with a new job as one of the companies offers, the youngest person to ever hold such a position, but he also found the man who would become his best friend and his business partner, Don Ressler. The two men worked side by side building the brands of Intermix Media and the companies profile for a few years before Intermix was eventually bought out by Fox. The new management was not the kind that the two men saw themselves working for and they departed. In many cases this would have been the end of what was already a Cinderella style success story, but for Goldenberg and Ressler it was just the opportunity to change paths and start a new chapter.

That chapter started in Goldenberg’s Living room a couple of weeks later when the two along with a few friends, started to map out the concept of a new type of company. The idea of subscription-based retail was formed and the basis of what would eventually become Intelligent Beauty was born. The e-commerce brand incubator soon started to produce bands that were becoming recognizable over the world on From skin care to personal care, the idea of internet marketed beauty products was quickly received, but the guys knew that there was more to what they could offer the public and soon saw that the market was right for looking back on their subscription model concept.

Fashion was a rapidly growing market trend for the internet and it seemed to lend itself perfectly to the model that they had been developing. With the combination of the two and the addition of a well-known name Kate Hudson, the idea has now grown into one of the most successful internet companies today, JustFab. The firm provides a monthly shipment of stylish on and top quality affordable clothing that is tailored to the taste and lifestyles of the customer. Every month the consumer gets new and exciting things that add value and style to their wardrobe without having to really worry about the hassle of shopping in the traditional way.

JustFab has since grown the model to include sub-brands sub as FabKids, FabLetics, and FabShoes. The two believe that the subscription consumer model for automatic delivery of personalized, quality goods, is one that is a no-brainer in today’s new consumer market. Goldenberg points out that the success of the concept is not shown only in the actual revenue generated by JustFab, although that is significant, but also in the fact that so many other brands have bow companies the concept.

There is more to Goldenberg than just his success at JustFab however. He is a dedicated husband and passionate philanthropist. He and his spouse have given generously to many non-profits and have been the driving force behind more than a few fund raising campaigns for foundations through the southern California area, which they call home. Indeed, what seemed to start as an unfathomable question, an impossible equation, has proven to be the life of an incredible caring man, a successful business leader and more importantly a great guy who just wants to bring fun, fashion and health to the world. Source:

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