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Norka Luque Tells Her Fans Never To Change Course

Norka Luque is one of the few musical artists who can tell her fans an inspirational story about the fight she had to undertake to reach the very top of the Latin music industry. The journey Norka took to reach the top of the music industry was not a conventional one for a Venezuelan born musician who had spent much of her early years learning piano and singing with the assistance of her extremely supportive parents; Norka felt her best opportunity for success would be found in leaving Venezuela and attempting to break into the European industry in France.

The difficult choices Norka had to take in leaving her family behind and embarking on a journey across the world has instilled in her the throughout that dreams can come true for almost everybody if the individual followers their heart. Norka has since given details of her life and the message she hopes to convey in various interviews and the songs she has released since her first hit, “Milagro”. The positive outlook on life Norka retained even when her musical career was not going to plan before her discovery by Emilio Estefan Jr. remains an important part of how she lives her life.

Over the course of her years in Europe, Norka Luque has revealed she was subjected to thoughts of giving up, but her decision to remain on the course she had set for herself has been backed up with her impressive career that continues in 2016 with the release of the “Tommorowland” single. Norka explained in 2012 the feeling of happiness she felt when her fans followed her message of staying on course and remaining positive when chasing a dream; inspiration is a word often used by Norka Luque when she discusses her career and the message she wishes to pass on to her fans.

During a number of interviews Norka Luque has revealed she feels a great responsibility towards her fans and wishes to make sure the music she provides keeps on pushing forward in changing the genre she works in. Not only this, but the need to retain hope that life can improve and life will keep moving forward is a major part of the work of Norka Luque.

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