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Beauty Blogger Reaches For WEN By Chaz To Create A Crowning Glory

A no lather shampoo system might not sound like it would actually work, but one beauty blogger put it to the test for her fine, frizzy mane. Emily McClure suddenly discovered what it was like to have big, shiny celebrity hair. She wrote about it for and included hair selfies to chart her progress.
If you haven’t heard about WEN by Chaz, then maybe you’ve been living under a rock, because this is the true, no lather shampoo original. Many others have tried to copy the brand and done so, unsuccessfully. Famous California stylist Chaz Dean invented the natural and healthy cleansing system for hair. He left out the nasty chemicals found in store shampoos and conditioners. Instead, his rich formulas bathe and nourish the hair from root to end without sulfates.

His celebrity clientele have remained faithful to the brand, because they need perfect hair in Hollywood. Wen by Chaz offers volume, shine and manageability to any kind of hair found on the planet. Their formulas smell like heaven and deliver diva locks that have movement. Chaz sells Wen products on Sephora cosmetics stores and can also be ordered online through Amazon

Emily chose the FIG cleansing conditioner for extra body and moisture and noticed right away how her frizzy hair texture softened. She liked massaging WEN into her scalp and hair. After she blow-dried and used her styling tools, Emily looked like a new woman. Her selfies display the proof that WEN works miracles, even for the finest, frizziest mane around. Her girlfriends were envious of her shiny, swinging hair, and Emily loved receiving compliments.

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To get the ultimate out of WEN by Chaz, Emily wanted to emphasize that the system isn’t for lazy girls. In other words, you need to get on a daily routine with WEN, always blow-dry and style. Take the effort and time, and WEN won’t fail you. Visit the Wen website,


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