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ClassDojo Empowers Teacher, Parents and Students In The Classroom

Sam Chaudhary Came to California on a tourist visa with a particular question on his mind. He wanted to know what was the worst part of being a teacher. Chaudhary joined it with his co-founder Liam Don, and for 90 days they conducted interviews while working very hard to discover the answer to this question. Without a solidified answer, they traveled back home to continue their research and develop their start up at. Now here we are five used later and their educational app, ClassDojo, has experienced extraordinary growth that has been embraced by the educational community.

In order to get started, the startup company raised 1.6 mean dollars in seed funding, then went on to raise $8.5 million during its first round of venture funding in 2013. In 2015, they managed to raise an additional $21 million in their second round. Every 2 in 3 schools in the nation, whether public-private or charter, use the platform in the over 90% of the school districts, and the app has been embraced in over 180 countries globally. During the back to school time frame of last summer, more than half 1 million people download the app each day. This numbers surpasses the activity count for mobile apps like Yelp and Tinder.

ClassDojo is an educational at that functions like a social media communication platform in order to create a positive culture within the classrooms and school buildings. Parents, teachers and students are empowered to connect inside and outside the classroom. The act creates a community of support, encouragement and collaboration between the teachers and the parents in order to benefit the students. Parents can inquire about the progress of their child on a consistent basis without having to wait for parent teacher conferences.

It also allows teachers to provide feedback to the parents regarding classroom activities so that parents remain consistently aware of what is taking place within the classrooms. Students are able to upload copies of their work to the plat for and receive feedback from both their parents and their teacher which encourages them to stay on task. Teachers can award points to the students on their profiles in order to reward them for good behavior or deduct points due to misbehavior, and the parents can review all of this activity in real time. Chaudhary Says that he never imagined that his educational app would be as successful as it is, but he plans for ClassDojo to be the company that takes the time to listen and understand the needs of teachers, parents and students.

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