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The Importance of InnovaCare

It is required the Medicare Advantage Plans to cover all services that the Original Medicare would cover, except for hospice care. The Original Medicare will cover hospice, even if the individual is in a Medicare Advantage Plan. With all types of Medicare Advantage Plan, urgent care needs and emergency cost will always be covered. These plans may choose not to cover cost for services, and it is important to check with the provider before moving forth with the service. Extra Coverage is offered through the Medicare Advantage Plans for things such as dental, wellness and health programs, vision and hearing. Most of the plans will cover a Medicare prescription drug coverage under the Part D plan. And in addition to the Part B premium, a monthly premium will normally be paid for the Medicare Advantage Plan. During 2016,, most people payed a premium of one-hundred and four dollars and ninety cents per month. If a service is performed that is not medically necessary, all cost for the service may have to be payed out of pocket, but individuals do they have the right to appeal these decisions. Individuals may also ask for the plan to provide a written advance coverage decision that the service was in fact medically necessary, and that it will be covered. However, if the plan does not cover the cost of the service, then the individual will have to pay the cost if an advance coverage decision is not asked for. A plans contact information can be found by searching by the name of the plan, or by performing a personalized search, found through a general search.

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The Mission for InnovaCare Health is to redefine the health care management in order to meet the challenges that come in today’s healthcare environment that can be complexed. And the Vision for InnovaCare includes focusing on forming patient-provider relationships to the clients, and subsidiaries build sustainable models for managing care that is coordinated, innovative, cost-effective and driven by quality. The Values that are important to InnovaCare Health is quality medical care, patients come first, strong patient-provider relationships, growth as an organization, innovative medical networks and practices, teams that make the most impact and the health care management that works the best.

The CEO and President of InnovaCare is Rick Shinto, before taking on this role, from 2008 through the sales of 2012, he was the CEO of Aveta Inc. And prior to the role of CEO, he was a member of the management team at Aveta Inc.. At the current time, Shinto continues to serve as the CEO of InnovaCare Health Plans out of Puerto Rico. The Chief Administrative Officer for InnovaCare Inc. is Penelope Kokkinides, rejoining the company during June of 2015. Kokkinides had previously served as the Chief Operating Officer for InnovaCare, Inc., as well as the Chief Operating Officer for Aveta Inc.. Other individuals that are part of the leadership team are Chief Financial Officer Douglas Malton, General Counsel Christopher Joyce, Chief Accounting officer Michael J. Sortino, Chief Actuary Officer Jonathan A. Meyers, and Chief Information Officer S Bhasker.


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