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Three Business Traits That Earned Doe Deere Her Success with Lime Crime

Every entrepreneur–male or female–fits a certain criterion, or they at least should. Although she has wacky hair that sparked an even wackier company, Doe Deere of the makeup brand, Lime Crime, certainly knows how to run a business. Though she did not attend school to become the fabulous CEO that she is, her general passion and ideals have allowed her to become successful, all while helping people along the way.

The Traits That Make Doe Deere Unstoppable in the Business Industry


Alright, you might not think that you can relate to someone with rainbow hair and an even more vibrant face, but you actually can if you shop through Lime Crime. Deere is regularly in tune with her consumers, and uses social media as a means to stay continuously connected to them. Additionally, her quirky and humorous personality allows her to make certain comments, like the fact that she was once fairly bad at makeup application. Unless you have always been a professional, you can certainly relate to some makeup mishaps!


The Russian-born beauty never woke up one day and decided that she wanted to craft a makeup company. She has, however, always had a passion for helping others–especially in terms of self-expression. Lime Crime was established as a means for those who like being different to be able to artistically express themselves using their faces as canvases and makeup as their tools.


All CEOs have dreams of growing their companies, and Deere is no exception to that. Her regular release of new shades, eyeshadow palettes, and lipstick lines allows her to laugh in the face of stagnation as Lime Crime continues to dominate in terms of popularity on the web and on store shelves.

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