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Marc Sparks Prepares to Announce the Winner of the Spark Tank DFW Social Innovation Challenge Round Two Award

The Spark Tank DFW Social Innovation Challenge is a program created by Marc Sparks and Lynne Sipiora to empower social entrepreneurs. Round Two began in June for entrepreneurs to submit applications and ended on July 15.

The winner will receive $5,000 in cash and become eligible to compete for the grand award prize, which will be announced in early December. Dogs Matter was the winner of 2016 Round One, and was the one of finalists among House of Eli and Metro Relief. Dogs Matter will compete with selected Round Two and Round Three winners.

Non-profit organizations in the Dallas and Fort Worth metropolitan area are invited to participate in the Spark Tank DFW Social Innovation Challenge. To apply for the Third Round competition, applicants may submit applications on the Spark Tank website. Applicants must provide the name of their organization, contact information, tax identification number, and address.

They must also provide a description of the non-profit organization, including mission statement, services provided, community served, and years of providing services. Applications will be accepted starting in September with a deadline October 15th.

Mark Sparks is the founder and owner of Timber Creek Capital, LP, a private equity firm in Dallas, TX. The firm offers capital, office & production equipment, leasing space, legal & accounting services, banking, and staff to start-up companies.

Mr. Sparks oversees portfolio businesses and non-profit organizations. He is known in the Dallas and Fort Worth communities as a capitalist, philanthropist, and proclaimed author. As a philanthropist, Mr. Sparks has contributed financially to animal shelters, colleges & universities, food programs, and homeless shelters for families.

Round One of the Spark Tank DFW Social Innovation Challenge received 14 applications from the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The total applications received to compete for Round Two $5,000 award prize haven’t been disclosed. The deadline was recently closed and the winner will be announced in August.

Three lucky Round Two finalists will be selected to present their ideas before the Spark Tank panel. They will be given 20 minutes for the presentations, including asking and answering questions. Learn more about Marc Sparks:

Non-profit organizations are required to be registered as 501c3 with two years minimum in operations. Non-profits that provide services to humans and animals may participate in the Social Innovation Challenge Program.

For more than 15 years, the program has helped thousands of individuals and family with lodging and food.

The success of the Samaritan Inn, a Collin County homeless shelter is credited to Mark Sparks and Ms. Sipiora. The facility is presently worth $3 million and houses hundreds of people daily.

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