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How NutriMost Received an Unintentional Spotlight


NutriMost is an interesting dieting system, but there are a lot of people that do not know anything about this company. I followed the diet and researched the plan that was created by a chiropractor, and I wondered if more people would become exposed to this. It is interesting to see how people are now hearing more about this diet via the lawsuit against Healthy Living.

The NutriMost system takes a little over a month, but customers are guaranteed a weight loss of 20 to 40 pounds in the 40 days that they are on this diet. I have been highly impressed with these type of numbers, and competitors seem to take notice of the way that people have gravitated towards this dieting plan. Some competitors have done more than notice. Healthy Living is a company that has actually stolen the promotional video and used it to promote a similar dieting plan.

I don’t know how executives for Healthy Living would have assumed that they could get away with this, but it all stops here. The video has been pulled from the site and people are talking about the lawsuit. Healthy Living executives don’t want to admit that anything was done that was unauthorized, but the spotlight has been turned on. People are reading about the debacle, and it has made more people want to learn about NutriMost.

I believe that there is a funny thing about this lawsuit that will work in the favor of NutriMost. Healthy Living may be a fly-by-night business that will fade out because the company used deceptive practices like stealing promotional videos from NutriMost. I think that this exposure will make more people recognize NutriMost though. Any promotion for a company like this can be good exposure for building momentum for the brand.

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