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Andy’s Veiw on California’s Climate Change

Climate can impact business very much depending on what the business is. While listening to an interview with Andy Wirth on KCRW’s program, “Press Play with Madeleine Brand”, he spoke on how the drought will be impacting his company, Squaw Valley Ski Holdings.

During this interview, Andy Wirth explains that this was the driest winter in history, which made the season more tougher than most. Although the ski visits dropped drastically down by 20%, the company still remained profitable. Andy explained that even though there was less snow, people still came and had a great time. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

They did have to make a lot of accommodations though. They had to use a lot more science than normal, in order to make the fake snow for their slopes. Andy also had to make the decision of closing off quite a bit of acreage filled with ski slopes so they could focus on maintaining a smaller area for the skiers.

Andy Wirth is the CEO and president of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, which is one of the top winter tourist destinations in the world. While being born in Germany, he has a bachelor of science from Colorado State University. He resides in California with his wife, where his goal is to improve his business to make it more popular than ever.

Andy Wirth also explained that he is working to make his business not just a better place for skiers, but also for the environment. He plans on finding new ways to reduce his carbon footprint and to bring others to do the same.

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