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ClassDojo Videos Help Students Learn About Growth Mindset

Teachers are life long learners themselves and new research has them excited. Studies are showing that students can change their perceptions of themselves as learners when they begin to understand their brains have the abilities to be developed. They can them approaching learning as more of a challenge and embrace all that their teachers have to offer them. Teachers are excited about the studies, but they still have to weave the growth mindset into their practices in order for it to take effect.

There are many ways in which teachers are starting to incorporate this new information. One educational tech company, ClassDojo, has produced some animated videos on the mindset of children and how to help it grow on characters students already recognize.

ClassDojo is a program that started out to help teachers award students with points as a behavior management tool. Teachers can give them goals and points when they behave well or do a good job on certain skills. The tool has morphed into a communication element as well. Teachers can also share photos, news, messages, and videos with parents in order to inform them on things going on in the classroom. Teachers in about half of the schools in the United States use ClassDojo now and 180 other countries are using it as well.

ClassDojo is an exciting program because it helps teachers reach as many parents and students as possible with a growth mindset message. The videos that students will see will incorporate this message with characters the students have already seen in the classroom. They will be excited about the message and grab onto the really important information that can rocket them into a future of high levels of learning.

The new videos will be released for free to the public over a series of five weeks. They will include discussion guides that will help teachers start classroom talks to get the point across even deeper. When parents and teachers band together with the same growth mindset message, children have a real opportunity to learn on a higher level. The videos are expected to help classrooms head in the right direction.


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