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Wengie’s Gorgeous Apartment!

Australian beauty vlogger Wengie gives her subscribers a long-awaited tour of her 58 square metre apartment in this video. She begins the tour from her front door, where we can take in the clean lines of her kitchen, living room, and sun room. We are even treated to her well-stocked shoe rack!

The living room features a modern double-ladder bookshelf where Wengie places her favorite items for display, which range from a Chanel bag to a K-mart jar. Her couch is a modern IKEA affair, and Wengie has decided to decorate it with several fun, colorful pillows. Because she is always so creative, Wengie chose a secondhand coffee table and painted it white to match the purity of her apartment. Gold-toned hexagonal decorations are peppered throughout the rooms.

Her sunroom is the envy of anyone watching the video. It’s completely filled with light and is complete with a TV displayed on a white entertainment shelf. A cafe-style table and chairs looks out through an enormous window towards the cityscape. Flowers and a dreamcatcher from Bali add interest to the windowsill.

We’re even introducted to Wengie’s workspace, where her YouTube award is proudly displayed and where she uploads her great videos on her personal computer. Storage baskets abound as an attractive alternative to file cabinets. Lastly, we see Wengie’s bedroom, where many of her videos are filmed. We get to see more of the room than we usally do, which is great because we are treated to Wengie’s distinctive, secondhand antique red French chair, which she bought online. Metallic pillows and a soft pink throw adorn her bed, and twinkling fairy lights are strewn across the headboard. Wengie’s regular skincare regimen rests in a basket on her nightstand, and her cat makes sure to be a fixture in most of the shots of the apartment.

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