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Sanjay Shah Shares Wisdom with EPN

Sanjay Shah is a person who does draw a significant amount of media attention. His success in the financial world combined with his philanthropic work contribute to this well-deserved notoriety. There are a great many reasons why Sanjay Shah has been a successful person. Recently, Shah gave an interesting interview on the Entrepreneur Podcast Network. He talks about why his has achieved so much. Anyone who fancies him or herself a budding entrepreneur will find the interview intriguing.

Shah clearly and definitively states anyone who wants to thrive as an entrepreneur should never underestimate the necessary amount of capital required. One of the most common reasons why new businesses fail is they run out of money. Cash flow takes a while to grow. Not having enough money to keep a business operating in an effective manner.

The second major point that Shah makes is no one can do anything without help. When launching a new business, the owner has to handle scores of tasks. Hiring employees takes time. Once again, cash flow has to reach the point hiring someone is feasible. Attempting to do everything on one’s own is a bad idea though.

Trying to save money while multitasking is worthy of praise until it reaches the point of being self-defeating. Any entrepreneur who is spread too thin is not going to be able to effectively manage a business. The business is going to suffer as a result. The enterprise might even collapse.

Heeding Shah’s advice would not hurt. He knows the subject of entrepreneurism very well. His extensive biography reveals this fact. Shah founded Solo Capital, a highly successful financial services company. The assets the company is involved with is incredibly diverse and includes professional sports endeavors. In early 2015, the estimated net worth of the company an impressive £15.45 million.

Perhaps more impressive is Sanjay Shah’s philanthropic work. When his son was diagnosed with autism, Shah made it his life’s mission to raise awareness about the condition and money for research. Autism Rocks, an intriguing rock concert private event, is the crown jewel of Shah’s consistent fundraising endeavors.


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