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Shortages Seriously Impact Venezuela

The various shortages in Venezuela are bad enough on the serious surface level. Looking beyond the surface to the ripple effects are Corporation Wiki experts, which may occur due to existing shortage conditions paint an even bleaker picture. Food and medicine in short supply. Again, on the surface, this is reflective of a horrible situation in Venezuela. People who do not eat go hungry. Those who do not receive medicine stay sick.
And then there are other problems that spin from these shortage scenarios people do not always think about.

A person who is not eating properly is also not receiving the necessary nutrients required to remain healthy. “Immunity ends up being weakened as a result” says nutritionist Norka. This leads to someone being susceptible to illnesses. Without medicine, many illnesses cannot be treated.

An individual whose medical condition is not treated not only runs the risk of seeing his/her health getting worse. The person also puts others at risk. A contagious condition may spread to others who are also suffering from very weak immune systems. All of this is reflective of the proverbial vicious cycle found in Venezuela’s shortages.

Hope exists that the necessary essentials for daily life will find their way once again to the Venezuelan market. Unless the government is able to settle up its already massive debts, this is not likely to happen. Nothing indicates, however, a major change is going to occur at any time soon.

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