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What is the real face of George Gascon?

For decades now George Gascon has been playing all sides of the field when it comes to office politics. He can be heard making promises to one side while enjoying an evening dinner with the other side at the same time. George Gascon can easily be mistaken as an outstanding citizen, but once you turn the page you will find many chapters that just don’t make a story believable.

Nobody would disagree with the position he has taken as far as helping the department overcome it’s negative publicity. But one must wonder, at who’s expense is all this really coming from? His recent testimonies definitely are playing a different tune to what he once said that he lived and supported. His morale is now questionable as we hear the evidence piling up against the idea that maybe, just maybe he wasn’t the man he pretended to be. And as far as his colleagues are concerned; they don’t even recognize the man they once called “Chief“. Funny how that happens when somebody swings from both ends of the rope, you just never know what you will end up with in the end.

For the moment, we can only hope that somebody can not only sort through the majority of his accusations, but possibly find some truth that will allow the general public to get a better rest at night knowing that this person cannot possibly think he will get away with lying and creating imaginary conversations with people whom have never even spoke to him in any context whatsoever, let alone in a personal capacity.

I am certain as the story unfolds there will be many truths that will forge forward. The testimonies of several witnesses are lingering behind the curtains just in case he should decide to create more drama to an unfortunate event. But at what cost are we really willing to sacrifice for what we all desperately need in our own Lives?


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