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Wengie Reviews Fascinating Bubble Masks

Wengie is a top Australian YouTube beauty advisor. Her channel The Wonderful World of Wengie is the 4th most subscribed beauty channel. Wengie is passionate about the beauty world and sharing makeup, skincare, and hair tips with others. Her videos outline beauty routines and product reviews. She actually goes through each step of trying a product during her videos so you get a firsthand perspective of products before you decide to purchase the item. She gives viewers the opportunity to learn about products they were previously unaware of. Wengie also has a blog, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat that you can follow her on.
This year during the colder months, Wengie tested out two bubbling masks. The first mask was a green gel-like Japanese mask. In the video, Wengie applies the mask with her fingers. She reviews the mask as being hard to spread and thought having a tool to spread the mask with would be helpful. During the twenty-five minutes it took to dry she reveals that the mask created a carbonated, tingly sensation on her skin. The second mask was a Korean clay mask. This mask was easier to spread onto the skin and came with a tool to do so. It also bubbled in a mere five minutes!
What were the results? While Wengie gave both positive reviews. She preferred the Japanese mask because she felt it really pulled impurities and dirt from her pours. It also left her skin feeling super soft. She did warn that its pull strongly and to be careful not to get the mask in your eyebrows. She did suggest trying the Korean clay mask for fun and that it proceeded to desirable results too. If you are interested in either product then check out Wengie’s video for the full experience!


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