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Wen By Chaz Dean: The Seven Day Test

If you have seen any of the infomercials on TV lately you are aware of the hair products from Wen by Chaz Dean. He’s the stylist of the stars and promises to deliver to you your very own magic hair potion. Okay maybe it’s not magic, but the results from the product testimonials would have you thinking maybe they are. So how does it stack up? Emily McClure and Bustle were curious too. Here’s a quick recap:
Day 1
Being desperate for a shower, (her words) she was anxious to get started. The results were surprising. She says in the article that her hair was instantly thicker and there were no strands in the drain either. Normally there is every time.

Day 5
She admitted that the WEN had made her hair very soft by this point had made it fall a bit sooner. It could have been a number of things that made this happen. She also said that she was confident all week with her hair.

Day 7
By the last day she stated that she was satisfied overall. Her curls fell a bit, but not like they did before using Wen. Besides this her hair looked great, she admitted to Bustle.

If for some reason you’re not familiar with Wen by Chaz Dean, It’s a hair product line of the finest quality. This is of course according to the infomercials and customer testimonials. The sephora available product line is meant to replace all 5 of the typical treatments into one bottle.

This makes the price points very agreeable considering you can cut out many other products of a lesser quality, saving a few buck in the process. You can hop online and browse the easy to navigate website for the perfect suggestions for you.

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