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Marc Sparks’ Success Story In Entrepreneurship

Marc attributes his successes to having a strong faith in God. In addition, Marc asserts that he has always maintained a positive attitude during trying times. It is imperative to note that his highest level of education was graduating from high school with a diploma.

Over the years, Marc Sparks has been the principal of different startups. Marc asserts that God gives people different challenges in order to keep them humble as they appreciate their successes. Through such challenges, one cannot forget where he or she was scarred in life.

Marc posits that it is through the grace of God that he was able to build successful ventures and sell millions of self-made products. Read more: Spark Tank DFW

Having no formal training, Marc contends that he was born with ardent instincts. Timber Creek Capital, which is Marc’s private equity firm, oversees different portfolio companies. When he takes an idea, Marc moves ahead to establish a company culture and sound business model.

According to NBCDVD, Marc posits that his door is always open. He meets with investors in real time and resolves their challenges in what everyone calls, Sparks Speed. In order to encourage others to follow the entrepreneurial path, Marc has published a book. Through his book, They Can’t Eat You, Marc writes about his life.

In the book, Marc discusses about his successful ventures and his downfalls in equal measure. His stories in the book serve to inspire entrepreneurs who have lost hope and find it a herculean task to achieve their dreams. Marc is often confronted with the questions of being afraid and how he makes it in entrepreneurship.

In responding to these questions, Marc says that he remembers purchasing groceries with his Texaco credit cards. Marc is confident about his ventures saying that he is not afraid about losing.

Marc goes on to assert that even though he loves to win, he cannot win everything. According to Marc, being rich entails good health, healthy family, good friends, having a successful business built from scratch, having happy members of staff and making thousands of consumers happy. Marc says that he does not have the fear factor and often wonders what is wrong with his life.

As an entrepreneur, Marc relies on passion, faith, savvy for monetization, tenacity and sense of urgency, which he habitually terms as Sparks Speed. By mixing these qualities with treating people with honesty and respect, one is guaranteed of success.

It is imperative to note that Marc is an active philanthropist. He has been involved in Habitat for Humanity and American Can! Academy. Through the Marc’s Sparky’s Kids Foundation, he has given out many new computers to different at-risk children with the aim of breaking the sequence of poverty. Marc has helped many homeless people by providing them with shelters through The Samaritan Inn.

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