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How To Beat The Odds

VTA Publications, LTD. opened in 2012. They are a non-fiction publisher of distance learning courses as well as event organizers that pander to specific categories. They serve to provide both digital and physical information to customers in both economics and the financial field. For a simple monthly fee, VTA Publications will send information to all its customers under the course Biblical Wealth Secrets. These courses, spearheaded by Michael White, offer insight and education into his theories on how to beat the odds and become wealthy and successful.

White publishes both educational secrets as well as motivational speeches that help guide his users in the right direction. One of his recent blogs has covered one of the topics he is so famous for, beating the odds.

What are the chances that you will succeed in life? Do you know? Does it even matter? No, at the end of the day, it really doesn’t because you and anyone who focuses and follows some simple tips can beat the odds. Think back to the story of the US Hockey Team at the winter Olympics of 1980. The Russians had a powerhouse team nicknamed The Red Machine, and they were assumed to be unstoppable.

The USA coach, Herb Brooks, wouldn’t hear this. He created a team of young players who worked well together and had the stamina to keep up with the face paced game and trained them non-stop. They surprised everyone when they made it to the semi-finals where they faced The Red Machine. Experts placed their odds at 10-1, but Brooks wasn’t ready to thrown in the towel. He didn’t hide the odds, in fact, he told his team that out of ten games played against the Russians, they only stood a likely chance of winning just one single game. But that night was not one of those nine losing games, it was the one game that they would have won out of ten. They went on to beat the Soviets then beat Finland in the final.

Basically, Brooks and his players ignored the odds, and so should you. Odds in life are created for the average person. Average people put in average work, if you constantly strive for above average effort you can easily beat the odds. Most people only put in the minimal amount of work to get by, but, if you work to constantly surpass that level of average and maintain a higher work ethic, you can easily come out on top more often then the odds would ever say because you have figured out the secret of beating the odds.  Find more on VTA Publications through their website, or you can also buy products in the same place.

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