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The Queens Of Drama Series Does Things Differently

The new Queens of Drama series is actually a film crew filming the making of a dramatic TV pilot. The cast includes daytime soap actresses Crystal Hunt of One Life to Live, Lindsay Hartley from Passions, Vanessa Marcil of Passions, Chrystee Pharris of Passions, The Bold and the Beautiful’s Hunter Tylo, and Knott’s Landing lead actress Donna Mills. The six ladies are filmed from the beginning of the television pilot pitch project, to the end.

The girls first decide collectively to offer Donna Mills the position as the head of their group, then start rehearsals. They maneuver both in front of and behind cameras, as they swap places back and forth between acting and the producing aspect of the show. The idea for the undertaking originated with actress from One Life to Live Crystal Hunt. Hunt said on Facebook she decided it’d be interesting to make the show with other former soap stars. Together the girls write and pitch the show to top network executives in hopes of the serial being picked up and put on the next season’s program line-up. shows Hunt has worked in front of cameras since the age of 2, when she started performing in beauty pageants. Ironically, the toddler’s mother’s choice for her talent was to act. She landed her first role in Problem Child 2, then went on to get picked up later for roles of Jill Overton in the movie The Derby Stallion, where she played the part of lead character Patrick’s love interest. Hunt played opposite, young Zac Efron in the film. The other major motion picture she was cast in was for character Dinky in the movie Sydney White with Amanda Bynes.

Working on sets with major stars did wonders for her career, and daytime television soap Guiding Light picked Hunt up to play the part of Springfield’s Lizzie Spaulding. From her YouTube acting reel Hunt caught the eye of the producers of One Life to Live a bit later and was asked to play the part of stripper from Vegas, Stacy Morasco. Morasco was the sister to Gigi, who already lived in Llandview. Stripper Morasco then moved to Llandview following Gigi, then met and fell head over hills for sexy Rex Balsom. The two started a romantic relationship however, Rex wasn’t the only person Stacy was sleeping with. Oliver Fish was the other guy and when Stacey got pregnant by him, she told Balsom that the child was his instead.  Take a look at Crystal Hunt’s photography website for a look at her complete portfolio.

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