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Collectible Guns Shop Owner Shares Views

Terry Goode is a man that owns a shop that deals with all kinds of collectibles. One of the main draws of the shop is the antique gun collectibles. He agrees that there are a lot of people in the community that like to collect antiques like furniture, jewelry, and even coins. It is a way for people to get together and share history. He sells antique guns too. However, his shop also deals in new handguns, rifles, and shotguns. His antique gun collection covers the revolutionary days to the Civil War.

New Trends

Terry Goode is one shop owner that believes that he is doing good. He is preserving a piece of history for people in the local community. His shop also sells new handguns. Goode noticed that more women are coming into the shop to purchase handguns. He states that most of the people that come into his shop to purchase guns are good, honest people. They just want a gun for protection. Goode says that they follow the strict handgun selling rules to the letter. However, the rules are different for any gun in the shop that was manufactured before 1898. Those guns are considered antiques. The antique guns do not have the same restrictions. Of course, if they are able to fire contemporary ammunition, it’s a different story.

Michael Zomber

Michael Zomber is the guy to go to for expert advice on antique guns. He is an antique arms expert, collector, and author on the subject of antique arms. This passion for antique armor and guns has driven his career for well over forty years. Zomber has also shared his expertise on antique weaponry on the History Channel. In addition, Zomber is recognized as a leading authority on Japanese Sumatra swords.

Michael Zomber’s passion for collecting antique weaponry grew out of a concern about preserving precious parts of history. He believes that preserving and safe-guarding the past is very important for future generations. He loves sharing his interest in antique guns with people across the country on news media and via the several books that he has authored on the subject.



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