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Why Does Operation Smile Need More Money From Avi Weisfogel?

Avi Weisfogel has taken a lot of trips to help Operation Smile, and the charity sends people to places where there is no dentist and no way to get care. They roll in one mobile units that help them see hundreds of patients in a day, and communities will come from miles around to be seen. Kids who have never been to the dentist can get help, and parents who have a need can get it knocked out when they visit with Operation Smile.

Avi Weisfogel is running a GoFundMe page that he can keep open forever, and he is going to send all the money to Operation Smile. The charity can use the money to mount more trips, to buy more mobile units and to make sure that more dentists are coming with them. The larger operations will see more people, and the operations will help whole communities perhaps multiple times a year.

People are counting on Operation Smile because it is impossible for them to go out and get dental care on their own. These people have no other resources, and they deserve to make sure that they are going to get help from someone. Operation Smile operates as a charity, and they take all the money that Weisfogel gets to make all his trips even better.

Dental technology is improving every day, and the people at Operation Smile are trying to keep up by using technology that is going to change the way that they are using their resources well. They are going out to see people who are in dire need of help, and they are going to keep helping these people every time they get more donations. The donations will go right into the programs that Operation Smile has going, and they might even be able to invite Dr. Weisfogel on more trips. He can help more people, and he can get to know more people in communities where there is no access to any kind of medical care at all. Filling in the gaps is important when people are in need of dental care.

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