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New Big Dog In The Startup World

Oisin Hanrahan is making news. The Next Web published an article that discussed the company that Hanrahan had co-founded. The company is called Handy and it allows individuals to schedule appointments with handymen, cleaning services and others at the touch of a button and, in a sense, on demand. Handy is now valued at 500 million dollars.

The article explained how the company came to be. Hanrahan had started several companies and had success with it. While he was getting his masters in business from Harvard, he thought of the idea of Handy and, with a friend, they dropped out of school and pursued the idea. They were able to raise tens of thousands of dollars from their headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts but they felt that a better environment would only speed up growth. Rather then packing up and moving across the country to Silicon Valley, like the rest of startups, Hanrahan and his partner decided to try New York City instead. The two chose New York because of the high density of people and how these people tend to embrace new and innovative ideas. It was a great choice and the company took off.

Handy is essentially just a platform that connects people with needs to professionals who have the ability to help. Generally, these services are household services, such as cleaning, electrical and plumbing, but there are even services such as furniture assembly and more. They have created a booking process that takes less than 1 minute with a secure payment system. A big safety net for customers is the 100 percent money back guarantee. Along with Oisin Hanrahan, Umang Dua is the other cofounder. Dua serves as the chief operating officer and Hanrahan serves as the CEO.

Check out the original article here.

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