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Keith Mann Funds and Sponsors Great New Scholarship

One way to overcome the high costs of going to college is to procure a scholarship. Keith Mann, the CEO of Dynamics Search Partners, is helping students in Brooklyn gain access to a very generous scholarship. Business Wire reports the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement is intended to deliver $5,000 in scholarship funds to a number of graduating seniors in Brooklyn charter schools.

Specifically, the scholarships are being awarded to graduating seniors who attend Uncommon Charter High School chapters. Uncommon Schools are known for their high educational standards. The learning environment at the schools is outstanding. Financially supporting students of the schools attend college is a noble cause. $5,000, as the article notes, covers a lot of costs. In some cases, the $5,000 award may be the only thing making it possible to attend the university.

Keith Mann wisely chose not to over complicate the application process for the scholarship. There is no requirement to fill out a significant number of forms or other components of the application package. Students just have to submit a 1,000-word essay describing how a college education would help their professional career. How the applicants choose to answer such a question is completely up to them. Some interesting responses may be found in those essays.

Keith Mann is a professional who does understand what is needed to succeed in business. In addition to managing the day-to-day operations of his company, Mann must remain focused on being able to discover and cultivate talented job seekers. The scholarship he is supporting and promoting is a most appropriate one for his skills and background.

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