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Why has Talk Fusion been so Successful?

Talk Fusion sets itself apart from its competitors due to the fact that they have a very competitive platform but also their business model is very different from the rest of the video communication platforms. Talk Fusion is part of a direct selling marketing plan which allows its users to benefit from the app and not purely from its use. They are a member of the Direct selling association which ensures that they do business with complete transparency as well as highest ethics. The company was actually one of the first to introduce the Instant Pay Compensation Plan which Bob Reina believes is what has brought them this success as well as requiring them to take on greater responsibility in the future.

In the recent weeks according to Business For Home the company is focusing on their launch of the 30 day free trial. This will allow customers to access the app fully and familiarize themselves with its workings without having to risk any up front capital. The apps are available currently on both Google Play Stores and the iTunes app store for free download. All the customer has to do is simply sign up on the corporate website of Talk Fusion or through an associates personalized site in order to gain full access to the app. The app has become extremely popular on a global scale. In Indonesia alone it has been ranked as the number one video communications app according to AppBrain which is a android market discovery tool.

Bob Reina, the CEO believes that Talk Fusion will further gain in popularity once the company launches the free 30 day trial as many users have not wanted to make a gamble on trying a new app that they had previously not heard about. With the free full access for 30 days all users can use the app and get a sense of its functionality and decide if they would consider swapping. Talk Fusion comes in a suite with a lot of other features to use and explore.

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