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The Upgrading and Content Improvement of the US Money Reserve Website

Companies that possess a high quality and informative website are highly preferred by many clients since they are in a position to access the desired information easily. It has become a growing trend for many Internet or online users to assess the credibility of various companies by conducting a background check on prospective service providers through their websites. Consequently, this has led to increased effort by most companies to boost the quality and content of their sites to attract more visitors who later become clients.

A New Image for the US Money Reserve

On February 24, 2014, the US Money Reserve was pleased to announce on CBS19 a fresh and upgraded online appearance through the The new site provides a reflection of the company’s status as a premier entity in the distribution of precious metals. In addition, the site possesses impressive features, which are a reflection of the company’s key values of commitment and trust to provide a greater experience in customer service.

The picture of Philip N. Diehl, the current president of US Money Reserve and Former US Mint Director, is also included in the redesigned site. Primarily, this is because Diehl is the company’s distinguished and notable leader.

Ryan Buchanan, VP of Brand and Creative, said that the company had gained a completely responsive tool, which allowed it to create quality content and communicate with its clients. The upgraded website was established to educate or inform prospective clients about the benefits of purchasing government-authorized bullion.

Additional Features of the Site

Through the Knowledge Center provided by the new site, clients can access updated details about the conditions relating to coin purchasing, grading and minting. A new coin picture gallery is also included to allow clients to have a preview of the coins offered by the company. Further, the Headline Gold News Room offers updated information pertaining the precious metal industry. The original information can be obtained from CBS19 via

Details on the U.S. Money Reserve

The U.S. Money Reserve, AAA rated by BCA, has successfully established a name for itself as the largest and leading distributor of Government-issued platinum, silver, and gold coins. The coins provided by the US Money Reserve have the full backing of the US Government and are produced by the US Mint. Its highly skilled team of professionals include coin research professionals, industry-leading numismatic expert, a vault and shipping department, business support department, as a well as a customer relations division.

It has built a trustworthy relationship among its numerous clients. Primarily, this is because customers feel secure working with the US Money Reserve due to its outstanding return policy. Clients also have an opportunity of owning tangible assets. They are issued with a legal tender rather than a paper certificate, which can be delivered to any point of your choice such as the bank, office or at home.

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