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iFunding, is it the Future of Real Estate Investment?

When visiting the iFunding website it is easy to see how the process works as there are several easy steps to follow which can be viewed under, “How It Works”. The customer, once the investment has been selected can then monitor the fundraising progress as the full amount necessary to finalize the opportunity must be reached. The customer has the opportunity to receive frequent emails on the progress or simply view the account dashboard to get a full over view of the progress. The dashboard will also give the customer feedback on the properties that have already been invested in. If however the funds are not raised, 100 percent of the money that the customer invested will be returned to them with no fees or hidden charges. Making this a very low risk opportunity. The iFunding customer actually has the opportunity to hold the title to the asset as iFunding would like to protect all its investors interests. With regards to the debt investments the investment entities at iFunding hold the first or second lien on the actual property. They also require a UCC financing statement or personal guarantees. For this reason iFunding prefers equity investments and so do the customers at iFunding as they are the first to receive the profits generated by the project. The investment entity will actually hold the title to the investment as a security to the customer. iFunding believes in transparent reporting so customers have the opportunity to closely monitor the progress of the investment either through the online dashboard on the iFunding website or by receiving regular email notifications. The customer can be the projects status as well as a complete timeline of events.

William Skelley who made this great opportunity possible is the founding father of iFunding. He comes from a humble background and has always been interested in alternative investment opportunities which has made him seek out the crowdfunding opportunity.

The iFunding Twitter makes it clear that William Skelley is known as one of the first people to use this opportunity in a real estate investment platform and has since been very successful in giving less advantaged individuals an opportunity to make some profit off big investments which would have otherwise never been possible. The crowdfunding platform allows small investments from a group of people to be pooled together and then used for very large scale opportunities.  The iFunding app can also be found in the Google Play store.

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