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Choose Handy for Convenient Services

Despite only being in the service for three years, Handy is dominating whenever it comes to the on-demand handyman and cleaning services. Handy had announced a round surpassing $50 million, and being worth around $500 million, we just have to wonder what the space would have been like without this firm.

Firms such as Handy have to strike a balance between customer satisfaction and contractors. For professionals using Handy, flexibility to work whenever they want to gain supplemental cash is what matters, and for customers, it is all about the flexibility of hiring a handyman or a cleaner for a specific day and time and being sure that the outsourced person will be reliable.

Customers experience difficulties asking friends for referrals or browsing web pages trying to find someone to do handiwork for them. Once the customers find the individual, they start worrying on whether the person will show up, whether he or she will do the job well, and the cost he or she will charge. For contractors, they also face similar difficulties. They lack necessary tools to market the kind of services they offer, who to trust in advertising them, or create a customer base. According to Oisin, the founder of Handy, this is what Handy is all about; bettering the experience of both the customers and the contractors.

Handy is focusing on continuing its business in the current cities and experiment a little in provision of other services. Currently, around 80% of its business is from cleaner bookings, while the other percentage is from handyman bookings.

Handy is a leading platform for linking individuals in need of household services with professional and independent service contractors. Regardless of the kind of service you may be in need of, whether cleaning or handyman, Handy will instantly match your request to trusted professionals in the city you are located in. Their efficiency, secure payment, and money-back guarantee, makes Handy the easiest and most convenient way for booking home services.

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