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Solo Capital Sanjay Shah

Shah migrated from Kenya to Central London with his family. He attended King’s College to become a doctor and study medicine. It didn’t take him long to realize that wasn’t something he wanted to do. He began to study accounting and finance, and found his niche in that field. He got a job at an accounting firm after graduating college and continued to work at the firm for many years. Year after year went by, and he began to grow tired of the long hours and the commute that he endured every day. He then decided to start his own brokerage firm, which he called Solo Capital.

Solo Capital is a proprietary trading and consulting firm. They also specialize in sports consulting and have proven to run a very successful business with satisfied client’s in the past. Solo Capital according to companycheck website started out small. Shah hired a few employees to help him get started with the company, and decided that he would work on the details for a solid year. A year of hard work and expertise created years of a successful working company that has entered the million dollar mark. It has an estimated net worth of $280 million dollars. Shah is financially stable enough to semi retire and allow his fellow management team of executives handle the business details and ensure that the business stays running successfully. Because of the success of the business, Shah has felt the need to sit back and relax while Solo Capital performs what it does best and he allows himself to pursue other areas of interest that he has been passionate about.

That one area of interest that he has shown immense concern and passion for is called autism. It’s a neurological condition that affects many people in todays world of all ages. Shah and his wife had noticed that their youngest son was performing some different kind of mannerisms and they thought they should take him to a specialist. That specialist revealed that he had autism. They were both in shock and they weren’t exactly sure what to do. Shah wanted to fix it immediately and help him get over it. After realized that wasn’t possible, he began to muster up the idea of the charity. It’s called Autism Rocks and he started it in 2014. It’s a charity event that works with many famous music artists that perform invite only concerts to aid in raising awareness and to accept donations. Shah is the founder of Autism Rocks, so he can delegate where the money goes. He had donated some if to universities to aid in their programs that help others cope with the cause and effects and help patient understand the condition better.

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